Wednesday, May 23, 2018

An update

Since Christmas we've experienced some big changes.  A lot of them were happy, and a few of them have been sad.

Reagan turned 5!  She is such a delightfully funny and thoughtful little girl.  She's sensitive and kind.  I appreciate how she loves to share with Madelyn and make other people feel good.

Shortly after celebrating Reagan's birthday, Porter died.  Our gate got left open one evening, and when I let him out in the early January morning, he ran off.  He was a black dog, and the car that hit him undoubtedly couldn't see him in the dark.  I wish they would have stopped, but I'm grateful that another man stopped, brought him to an animal hospital, and contacted us.  I was able to pet him and comfort him before he died. 

I had a hard time with Porter's death.  He was such a good dog, and we all still miss him.  He had such a gentle presence, and I truly loved him.  I haven't felt like I could write about his death and properly eulogize him, and I suppose that's why I haven't written on my blog until now.  I know I'm writing tersely, but I loved him.  What more can I say?

Madelyn in the swings

Reagan and Kirsten went to the Princess Ball with Grampa

Cute Reagan at the Dino Museum

About three weeks after Porter died, we got a new dog.  His name is Jaeger.  He's naughty and full of energy, but I love him, too.

Playing at McDonalds

Playing at the Kangaroo Zoo

Jaeger got neutered and had the cone of shame

On Madelyn's first birthday we went to the City Creek Center in Salt Lake City and played at the Dinosaur playground.  She loves to play at playgrounds now.

Opening presents was a bit confusing for her, but she liked her gifts

She had two helpers unwrap most of her presents

Nana and Grampa gave her this riding zebra

Kirsten is reading to Wynston at the library

We took the two older girls to see The Little Mermaid at the Orem Hale Center Theater

Madelyn with her cake

Eating her cake

Mommy helped her unwrap Nana's gift

With the Easter Bunny

Dying Easter Eggs

Hunting for Easter eggs

Papa came to visit and we went bowling

Flying kites

In April I flew out to Nashville to attend my sister Emily's wedding.  It was so fun to be there and see her and Chris be so happy.

Then we moved to Mapleton.  I love our new house.  It's beautiful and spacious.  Moving is stressful, but I feel settled now.  Seriously, I need to take a picture of our house, but more than the way it looks, I love the way I feel here.  It's home now.  I loved our old home, too.  Very much.  I had all three babies in that house.  It was comfortable and happy, and I'm glad this home is, too.

Image result for 1272 e 1600 n mapleton
This is the picture from the listing.  I love all the trees!

Reagan in our old home right before her Pirate Party.

Matt cutting down a tree

Drawing with sidewalk chalk in our new backyard

Playing in our new backyard

Dinner at Nana's
 Kirsten turned 7 yesterday.  We went to McDonald's with Nana and Grampa to celebrate.  She is such a clever, fun girl.  I love her so!